Based remotely and in the London office, I was brought in to help plan and refresh the 7digital iOS and Android music and store apps.

Album list and release details for iOS

The apps were out-dated, provided a poor experience and lacked polish. Working alongside the product manager and the existing in-house design team to ensure the brand was respected, I created a new mobile-focused 7digital identity, user experience and interface design adhering to Google’s Material Guidelines and Apple’s HIG. It was important that users would instantly recognise and be familiar with the apps interactions and design patterns.

Release details and dark mode exploration for iOS

With remote iOS and Android development teams in Melbourne and Auckland, good communication and handover of spec I provided to the team needed to be precise and detailed. Being in different timezones meant our design, development and sign off cycles were continuous.

Music library and artist details for Android

“Marty’s attention to detail and technical understanding made a big difference in our ability to swiftly release app updates.” Ling Khor, Senior Product Manager, 7digital

Player and store artist details for Android
Store home and charts for Android