East London based startup, TrueView, focused on removing the dishonesty that consumes online dating.

Matches on Android

I worked remotely and on-site focusing initially on improving the sign up flow to increase new sign ups, followed by a redesign for both iOS and Android apps to improve spatial consistency and implement familiar UX and design patterns utilising Google’s Material Guidelines and Apple’s HIG. I worked closely with co-founders, UK and remote dev teams along with QA to ensure a high quality product delivery.

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TrueView’s Trust Score was based on how much you were willing to share. Verifying your mobile and government ID, connecting accounts like Instagram and Spotify and creating a profile full of great content. This helped you to discover and be discovered by genuine singles and filter out the fakes.

Profile management and settings on Android

We know people associate badges with achievement so we tapped into this by awarding badges for the completion of small goals that went towards your score (i.e. adding content to their profile or verifying ID). This proved a great incentive and we saw much richer profiles.

Users really loved personalising profiles and the ability to spark a conversation around a piece of posted content (a photo, a Spotify track or YouTube video).

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We got some excellent feedback around the new experience and design updates which provided not only a beautiful and immersive experience but provided a much safer place to date.